What is actual value that healthcare sourcing professional must chase?


Sourcing fraternity is always motivated in terms of chasing their goals that have grown in number off late. It would not be wrong to say that new breed of millennials that trying to bolster their presence in supply chain industry are doing pretty good job in accommodating new challenges that are coming their way. New challenges surfacing up are probably on account of priority switch that procurement industry is demanding every fortnight. Somewhere in this dynamic supply chain sector, confusion that spurs majority of the fresh minds is- what do we chase, is it cost or is it quality or is it quality at best cost……

That is, what is the actual value that I (sourcing professional) must chase in my current designated role play?

Since the question is little generic let us zero down to one reference industry and build the plot around it. Industry we would go further with, would be Healthcare.

Like any sector the industry faces switch in their yearly priorities.Some times its quality, these are the times when buyers would have accomplished the cost targets, however on the account of device recalls and failure, their organization suffered an immense cash and reputation loss. Likewise would be the case for chasing cost.

Hospitals often feel the pinch when they chase the cost target.They are well aware of the upcoming issues, but they cannot do much about it, as the cost pressure from the government keeps mounting on them.

For example-They might buy the cheapest diaper, as it full fills their current goal, but when the same diaper leaks and creates lot of discomfort at patient and nursing front, they end-up spending much more than amount saved earlier.

And hence the key aspects that must be chased by healthcare sourcing team must be –Value centered devices.

This value might come from outside or inside, and contains the following reference examples or scenarios:

  • Reduced nursing requirements
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased home care
  • Reducing labor slavery
  • Reducing environment degradation

Though the same might not be in the target list of healthcare sourcing professional today, but they are well needed going forward.

Cost centered negotiations and deal closure might bring in momentarily success to sourcing cycles, but in longer run they are not sustainable. If you fail to abide on any of the aforementioned protocol, your supply chain might seem like streamlined for month, quarter or probably an year, but sooner or later, it will have to go pass the repercussions of non-abidance waves.

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